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Dr. Wendy Reed is an Emmy-winning writer and producer, who teaches in the University of Alabama's Honors College.

Her current classes focus on the intersection of solid science and well-told story.

The Alabama State Council on the Arts Fellow has published in newspapers and magazines, She received fellowships from Oregon State University, the Lillian E. Smith Center, and the Seaside Institute. 

Pulitzer Prize winner Diane McWhorter's said of Accidental Memoir: "I am in awe of Wendy Reed," but Reed has acknowledged plying her with Bellinis.

My writing roots

I wrote my first story in 5th grade, when given the choice between writing an essay or story for a history assignment. I made up a girl who tripped during a picnic and  landed in the mashed potatoes. I didn't try again until English 102. Let's just say I don't recommend adopting the point of view of a plant. Not counting my kids' Baby Books, I didn't write for another 12 years. But a person can only take so many Berenstein Bears books until she'll start making stuff up. That's how a boy named Nick came to wear magical red cowboy boots and the awful waffle fled the iron.


She produces Bookmark with Don Noble and Discovering Alabama, the two longest-running public TV series in the nation; and co-launched Speaking Evolution, a multi-part series on communicating evolution. 

Her books include 

An Accidental Memoir: How I Killed Someone and Other Stories (NewSouth Books) 

All Out of Faith and Circling Faith (University of Alabama Press), co-edited with Jennifer Horne.

Currently she's writing about Clarence Cason,  the professor who founded the University of Alabama's journalism program. The year after the lynching incident that likely inspired To Kill a Mockingbird, Cason was found in his office shot to death.

She also serves as a communications consultant and, when hungry enough, will edit.